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United States Boxing League

Major League, Minor League, Team, World and Regional Competition



The United States Boxing League (USBL) was incorporated in the state of Colorado in the year 2012 beginning its journey with a purpose and a mission to provide Boxing fans with honest competition between the best boxers in the business. The United States Boxing League will hold and sanction and authorize amateur boxing events under the classification of Semi-Pro. It is the intention of USBL to formulate professional teams referred to as “Major League”. Major League competition will be a team competition boxing sport, played similar to that of any other major league organization, such as the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The USBL will continually host and sanction Semi-Pro amateur boxing events. Semi-Pro amateur events will play an enormous part in the careers of participating athletes, serving two major purposes:

  • Semi-Pro amateur events will fill the gap between amateur and professional boxing. The rules of Semi-Pro amateur contests are very close to the rules we find in professional boxing contests. Participants must be 18 years and above. Competition competes without headgear or T-Shirts with gloves lighter than traditional amateur contests but heavier than professional contests. Semi-Pro events will follow the standard unified rules of boxing.
  • Semi-Pro amateur boxing provides boxers with an avenue to better prepare for a professional career. Boxers can compete in as many Semi-Pro amateur fights until they and their team feel ready to make the move into the professional rankings. Semi-Pro will also provide fans of boxing with the top-quality and competitive elite amateur competition.

Semi-Pro competitions will provide an arena for the United States Boxing League Major League team scouts seeking athletes for recruitment as it will for major boxing promoters seeking to sign top level boxers.

USBL is Major League Competition. USBL competition may include Semi-Pro, Minor League, World, Individual and Regional action.