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United States Boxing League

Major League, Minor League, Team, World and Regional Competition




  • Is the USBL Major League competition considered professional?

    Athletes competing in the sport of boxing in a USBL event are competing in major and minor league play, just as athletes playing for the NFL, NBA, MLB, and other major league sports teams.

  • What is Semi-Pro competition?

    Semi-pro competition is amateur competition and will compete in USBL scouting events as Minor League, semi-pro competition.

  • Is there an age restriction to participate in Semi-Pro competition?

    Yes, competitors must be 16 years of age and above. Athletes ages 16 and 17 must have parental approval

  • Will USBL fight results appear on Boxrec?

    It will be entirely up to the owner of Boxrec.com on whether to include USBL results on their website. USBL contests are official Major League professional and Minor League semi-pro (amateur) bouts and will be recorded on the USBL website. Boxers can legally include USBL contests as part of their ring record. USBL events are organizational events, they are not standard professional boxing shows.

  • When will USBL Major League team competition start?

    Team competition will begin in the 2022 season. In 2021 USBL will begin governing our own boxing events. Events will consist of Professional and Semi-Pro (Amateur) competition. Events will be referred to as ‘Scouting Event’ and will serve as a means of recruiting talent and building team rosters.

  • Will USBL have individual champions?

    Yes, USBL will crown individual athletes and award championship belts.

  • Do athletes have to reside in the United States to compete in USBL events?

    No, any athlete can compete in scouting events and become part of the roster for a major league team competition.

  • Are athletes required to be U.S. Citizens to compete or join a Major League roster?

    No, any athlete can compete in scouting events and become part of a roster for a major league team competition.

  • Are USBL events sanctioned by USA Boxing or state boxing commissions?

    No, USBL is its own independent organization legally registered in the State of Colorado. The competition follows similar guidelines as other major league sports. USBL Team play will be a seasonal team competition with a championship event between two teams with the best season record.  Scouting events held throughout the year are for the purpose of teams scouting talent to fill team rosters.